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How to Take Care of Oily Skin in the Winter?

Having an oily skin means high level of irritation; because the greasy feeling on the face and the shiny oil patches is not something any girl would like to have.  Some of us think such a skin type in the winter is easier to manage because the dry wintry breeze removes the excess oil, but such is not true. It is a fact that, be it winter seasons or summers; oily skin should be treated with the additional excellent care. Read the following to know how different winter care would be.

These below listed winter skin care guidelines for oily skin that will help you achieve the right glow.

1. Use of Correct Moisturiser
You need to use a correct, oil-free moisturiser consistently, even during the cold seasons. There are many moisturisers made especially for this type of skin, right from gel form to water-based. The current market items are rich with vitamin E, which is the best option for oily skin. Make sure that you moisturise after every face washing routine, as this will keep the natural oils balanced.

2. Exfoliate Your Skin
You can maintain a healthy complexion by cleansing and exfoliation your skin consistently. Adopt a regular routine, use an excellent exfoliation gel that has minute granules rich with vitamin E. By using it twice a week, you will find wonderful results.

3. Avoid Petroleum Jelly
Avoid applying petroleum jelly on your face and lips. For chapped lips, use medicated or herbal lip-balms.

4. Tea Tree Oil
As you know, most people bathe using hot water in the winter. However, it is proven that using hot water with few drops of tea tree oil makes up for the loss of moisture, and helps keep the skin much softer and supple.

5. Stay Hydrated
Try to consume at least eight to ten glasses of water everyday. It helps you keep your skin moisturised and flushes out the toxins and bacteria from your skin’s pores.

6. Use Oil Free Based Makeup Products
While buying a foundation, make certain you choose a liquid or cream, which is oil-free and water-based. Regular makeup products contain natural oil and they are not good for your skin, instead go for items with matte-effect that stay longer.

7. Use Moisture Rich Skin Products
Prefer shower gel to soaps, if you are persistent on using soap, then it should have moisturising elements. Soap with glycerin and natural oil is a great choice on the body, but for the face, go for an oil-free face wash.

8. Use a Soft Towel
After cleansing your face, it is suggested that you pat dry your skin using a soft towel.

9. Follow a Skin Care Routine
The routine cleansing, toning, and moisturising caters to all your skin needs. Make sure you buy water-based cleansers and toners over cleansing milk, as it does no good to oily skin. These guidelines help you say goodbye to oily skin concerns in the winter. Take care.

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