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5-Step Skin Care Regimen for Combination Skin

Combination skin is the toughest skin type to overcome because you could be dealing with two opposite ends of the skin care variety. People with combination skin have a T-zone that is oily, and face that are dry. Lots of people deal with periodic outbreaks and larger than normal skin pores, especially on the nose.

The main issue people face is what kind of skin care product to use. Lots of people try products meant for oily skin because they think, they have oily skin. This usually leads to dry flaky skin and lots of disappointment. Combination skin requires soothing oil control in certain places as well as moisture to have healthy skin.

If you discover that certain places of your skin are dry, yet others are on the oily side, you probably fall into a combination skin type. You'll need a gentle skin care regime to take care your combination skin.

Step 1: Cleanse
First, wash your hands. You don’t want any dirt from your hands coming into the skin pores on your newly-cleaned face. Then, seek out an appropriate cleaner for combination skin. Typically, a cleaner marked “for normal skin” will work great for combination skin.

Using a pure cotton pad, massage the cleaner into your skin. “Moisten skin with warm water and carefully massage cleaner with pad in round motion, protecting [your] whole face,” Connolly advice. “Rinse well and pat dry”.

Step 2: Tone
Again, seeking out a skin toner for “normal” skin, overall tone your whole face and avoid the eyes, Connolly says. It might be worth using two toners — one with alcohol for your oily area and one without for dry, sensitive ones. Implement the skin toner using a clean pure cotton pad or with a misting bottle.

Step 3: Mask
Using a mask for combination skin will allow your skin to discover its stability between excessive oil and uber-dry wasteland skin. “Apply mask with convenience or fan sweep and distribute over whole face, preventing the eye area,” Connolly says. Once the mask is left on for the manufacturer’s recommended time, wash off with warm water. If you look for the mask dehydrating, you can use it only once or twice a week and still obtain the desired effect.

Step 4: Serum
The right combination skin serum will help your skin discover its stability without over-moisturizing your oily areas. Plus, it will prevent early aging. “Apply appropriate serum with convenience and distribute over [your] whole face and neck area,” Connolly says.

Step 5: Sunscreen
Everyone needs to protect their skin, and combination skin types are no exemption. Connolly indicates finding a mineral SPF powdered to not overly-moisturize oily areas, keeping your skin protected and balanced, even as you how to make use of makeup and face the elements throughout the day.

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