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How to Take Care of Normal Skin?

If you have normal skin, consider yourself very fortunate. This is the most preferred type of skin. Of course, this does not mean that you can start ignoring your face. This kind of skin has good framework and a fine, consistent skin pore framework. You do not break out that often and are generally free of pimples, at least at a young age.

Basic care
Try to clean your face twice a day morning and before going to bed. Decide on a soothing face cleaner. You may want to use a skin toner, but this is optionally available. The skin toner is soothing and calming. Avoid toners with liquor that can dry the skin.   Apply a moisturiser. If you are over 30, you may want to use a special night cream during the night.  During the day use sunscreen 15 or more SPF with protection UVB and UVA.

Weekly care
Try to have a weekly mask based on the season or the place where you live. You may want to have a moisturizing mask or a cleaning mask. Or you may want to different them weekly. You can buy these covers or use 100 % natural components from your kitchen to get ready them.

Try to use an exfoliant once or twice per 7 days. If you use products with AHA, retinol or other exfoliant, try to use a soothing exfoliant. Never over-exfoliate.

Indulge and preserve
If you have enough time, try to have a weekly or per month facial in your home, or if you can manage it, try to have professional facials whenever possible. The facials help to keep the skin clean, which helps to keep the skin pores to their lowest size. Facials are also very soothing. Some types of facials, such as the Russian facial, have a very organized massage element that guarantees to help you to keep your skin beautifully shaped and company for many years.  Gillian Taylforth, the British actress, features her younger looks to regular facials.

Taking proper good care of your skin naturally
It is important to drink water to keep your system clean as well as to have healthy diet to eliminate toxins regularly. Maintaining a proper and balanced eating plan and such as fresh foods in your diet will keep your skin radiant for a long time.

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