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How to Choose Moisturisers for Combination Skin?

A proper healthy skin care schedule is a must; it imparts a glowing and healthier skin. The regular skin schedule includes cleansing, toning and moisturising.

Remember, choose products matching your skin type, it is easier to get products from dry skin to oily skin, but it becomes challenging when we search for the skin type- COMBINATION.

The problems of a combination skin are:
• Open pores
• Break outs
• Shine

• Combination skin has the qualities of both dry and oily skin types. Usually it is the T-zone and temple that is oily and the face become the dry area of the face. Girls with combination skin usually mix up their kind of skin to oily skin and use oily skin products; this enhances the problem more and makes the face dry and flaky.

The Best Moisturiser for Combination Skin
Every skin type needs a moisturiser, so does combination skin type. What you need to prevent is the oil in the moisturiser. When choosing a best moisturiser for combination skin in Indian, keep in mind the following points:

• Always choose oil free moisturiser: Oil free moisturiser have water as their main ingredient that manages the oil and functions like as moisturise. Avoid products with oily products like butter, as it leads to acne.

• A lightweight, non-greasy gel based cream permeates easily into the skin and will not block skin pores.

• Avoid moisturiser that is specially meant to fight acne, because they will create the dry part drier.

• You can use organic oil as the moisturiser as that will stop the oil production and moisturise the dry areas.

Choose a moisturizer that has SPF15 or more in it. Sun exposure will make the condition of the dry area worse.

• Don’t use a moisturiser with SPF at night because that will block skin pores.

• Avoid moisturiser with fragrance because it could lead to allergic reactions.

• When choosing a moisturizser, look for ingredients like lemon, lavender which levels out the organic oil production and hydrates the skin.

Remember the above-mentioned points while choosing a moisturiser and have healthy skin.

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