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How to Take Care of Dry Skin in the Winter?

With winter approaching, our skin needs additional taking good proper care off and dry-skinned individuals like me need to be additional adoring and indulging to our skin. I have almost perfected this art of looking after my skin and so I thought of sharing it with you guys… So here goes…

I strictly follow a regime of cleansing, exfoliating, moisturising, steaming and sun-screening ;) Not necessarily in the same purchase but yeah to most extent.

Well really we all clean our faces now don’t we? But do we do it right? Do we use the right products? One thing that must always be kept in thoughts is that we must always select items that are suitable to our types of skin. Of course, even when you go for a face clean that reads your skin types, you might not just like it or your skin might just reject it. So, yes it does take time for someone to find that “Oh so perfect” face clean. My skin is on the more dry side, ok who am I kidding? My skin is the excessive of dry skin and so I opt for cream face cleansers rather than gel ones that my sis who has oily skin chooses.

Everyuth Cream Face Wash (Peach)
Washing your face off make-up, dirt and grime every night before going to sleep is a must and does amazing things to your skin in the long run. I follow this regularly.

One must also keep in thoughts to prevent using cleansers on the face, they extremely dry out the skin. Also, try to clean your face with cold or lukewarm water. Avoid washing your face with hot water.

Ok, now this is my favorite aspect and I just simply love cleansing my face! It works perfectly for my skin and gives me an instant glow. It basically removes the scalp from the surface that tends to dull your skin tone. Exfoliation should be done in round movement and skin under the eyes and other such sensitive areas must be prevented. To rinse off, use cold to lukewarm water. One must keep in thoughts that you must not clean your face everyday, an period of 7-10 days is enough.

A basic law in beauty is that everyone needs to moisturise, difference lying in the type of moisturiser or cream one uses. It is no secret that the type of cream you select to use should be determined by the skin you have. Dry skinned individuals must use skin creams during the day as they seal moisture into the skin. Whenever your skin feels tight or flexible one must moisturiser. You must keep a small bottle of moisturiser handy in your purse or hand bag especially during winters.

During winter  season, one must also use either some kind of body oil or glycerin or a night cream before going to bed to be able to keep someone’s skin moisturised throughout the night.

Whatever the season, one must use a sun screen during the day. It not only helps prevent tan, it actually setbacks the procedure of aging and getting old and wrinkly up. It is a very important aspect of an everyday healthy skin care routine.

Now this is one process that I adhere to generally once a fortnight. It is the best process to best way to thoroughly deep clean your skin pores, to get rid of pimples, blackheads and whiteheads. Steaming your face is very important to release waste that may be included into the skin. When steaming, your skin pores get increased and the skin is softened, which help in cleaning the impurities more easily.