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How to Take Care of Dry Skin in the Summer?

When summer time hits, dry skin can be against the elements. Bring nourishment and moisture to dry skin with this easy information! Summer skin care tips for dry skin will easily help keep your skin smooth and flexible for optimal skin health.

Exercise will make you sweat and activate skin oil glands in your skin. This activation of the skin oil glands will help release more sebum from your body and help soothe your dry skin. Take good care of dry skin includes working work out into your day. Remember to moisturize properly after a workout as well. Sweating can cause your body to become de-hydrated and it is best to makeup for it by drinking water.

Eat Right:
Load your plate with these sensible foods. They will help your skin be more soft and flexible, not to mention get a lean whole body at the same time. During summer season your skin needs all of the flexibility and good nutrition for dry skin that it can get. Try these summer time skin care tips on nutrition. These summer skin care tips are all about moisturizing from within so your dry skin can stay soft through summer time.

Avocadoes: Avocados are an excellent resource of vitamins C, E, and monounsaturated human extra fat, which help your skin lock in moisture.

Olive Oil: Extra Virgin Olive Oil is chock full of supplement E for skin and good human extra fat, and will moisturize skin both from the inside (eaten) and out (topical application).

Nuts: Nuts are the ultimate power food. They contain omega-3 fatty acids, organic vitamins A, B and E, monounsaturated human extra fat and minerals, and a host of antioxidants. These moisturize your skin, promote its flexibility, help regenerate cells, and protect against pollutants and free radicals. Flax plant seeds are an excellent resource but if your looking for a carnivorous alternative try fish to get your dose of omega-3.

Tropical Fruit: Fruits, especially water-dense tropical fruit, is a fantastic way to moisturize and protect your skin. Most fruit contain high levels of vitamins A and C, powerful antioxidant that replenishes nutritional value in skin, promote collagen production, and help keep your skin soft and firm. Try cantaloupe, mangoes, pineapple or grapefruit.

If you are interested in getting your skin and elegance vitamins all in the same place try elegance multivitamin byLifeCell skin care products. This supplement is formulated for all in one elegance to keep your skin nourished.

Natural Remedies:
No only are the foods mentioned above excellent to eat but they’re also great when applied to your skin. Avocado and olive oil can make an excellent skin mask that will leave your skin feeling moisturized and smooth. Other skin care for dry skin natural remedies include applying lush natural oils such as supplement E oil, aloe, cocoa butter or Shea butter. These natural oils will help your skin retain moisture and feel silky soft. Summer skin care advice recommends trying an organic moisturiser as well like LifeCell’s dry skin moisturiser.

Hydration Is Key:
A reason your skin might be dry is because you are dehydrated. Try to drink 7-9 cups of water a day. Summer skin care tips for dry skin will benefit from all the wetness it can get. Proper moisture is also key in cell health. With adequate moisture your cells can better function to release wastes and bring in new nutritional value. This will also help you anti age as well! It is especially important to drink first thing in the morning. This is essential because during the night our body has been deprived of water while we slept. Hydrate with a glass of water fist thing in the morning and you will feel so refreshed.

Keep up with your skin care routine and try these summer time skin care tips to keep your dry skin healthy and moisturized throughout summer season. Along with these guidelines don’t forget to use your favorite summer sunscreen or your best face moisturiser.

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