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How to Take Care of Teens Girl Skin in the Winter?

Winter will be here soon and if you have a teen you will want to make sure they use the proper healthy skin care techniques for winter weather. Most teens suffer from oily skin which makes it hard to present a moisturiser into their everyday regiment because they think it may cause their skin to break out.

With all the various items on particular though, they can have beautiful, acne free, yet soft and less chapped skin for the winter. Our skin is the largest organ in our whole body and when the cold windy days of winter come, it is bound to get chapped and dry if your teen usually spends plenty of your energy and effort outdoors.

Even spending out in the classroom all day may chap your teens skin due to the dry heat they are exposed to. Using Vitamin A may help prevent dry scaly winter skin problems. It is used not only as a moisturiser, but as a remedy for acne too. Many skin experts recommend not only a well balanced eating plan for healthy skin, but also adding extra protein to your teens eating plan during the winter. Dermatologists also recommend drinking either glasses of water per day and preventing foods that may cause your teens skin to break out.

Keeping the skin clean is always important and that should continue through the winter season. Doctors recommend washing the face at least twice a day. During the winter you will want to use a light cleanser that doesn't remove all of the natural oil away. It's important that your teen doesn't sleep with make-up on, as this will block skin pores.

If you notice your teens skin becoming dry during the winter season, try offering an oil free moisturiser. There are also night creams that can be applied before bed that will create softer dry skin without causes break-outs of acne. You could also provide an oil free bath gel or cleanser that will moisturise. If your teen likes a bath over a shower, you can purchase bath oil beads that not only smell great, but help dry skin heal.

If your teen has extremely oily skin they should still use some type of moisturiser during the winter season. Some of the most strongly suggested items for winter skin treatment for teens include Porters hand and whole body cream. The beauty of this company and their items are that they aren't tested on animals and have all 100 % natural ingredients. Their dry skin winter body lotion is a grease free product that contains rosemary, camphor, witch hazel and green soap. It comes in an eight ounces bottle and is available for the cost of $12.00. They also provide a lip balm that is strongly suggested and was given very high scores by the customers who purchased it. It is petroleum free and contains coconut oil and vitamin E. The cost for a tube is $3.50. Also available for dry itchy, winter skin on your legs is Sarah's Leg Lotion. It is stated to ease and moisturise dry scaly skin and is to be used after showering.

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